Christmas in Great Ayton 2018

Next Santa Claus' visit to Great Ayton will be on 23.12.2019

Ho, ho, ho, he's on his way! This year you can track Santa's Sleigh as he takes his annual tour around Great Ayton this Christmastime .

New this year and very, very exciting! You will be able to track Santa's path around the village on your mobile phone, tablet or desktop. You'll know when he's just around the corner so you'll never miss a chance to see him on his rounds!

The event was created and organised by Peter Greenwell and has been running for a great many years. It is supported by Great Ayton Parish Council. The Santa Tracking is sponsored by Visit Great Ayton and developed by Studio Botez.

Santa's Sleigh Tracking Disclaimer

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  4. Due to its nature, the connection accuracy may vary, depending upon your internet connection and type of device used.
  5. The Santa's location will be automatically updated according to its geolocation(GPS) and mobile cell response therefore a 10-15 seconds delay may occur periodically.
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